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In 2020, San Antonio’s transportation system is recognized as a model of efficiency and environmental sustainability.

San Antonio is served by an environmentally-friendly transportation system where everyone is able to walk, ride, drive or wheel in a safe, convenient, and affordable manner to their desired destinations. Frequent and reliable mass transit services connect communities, and transportation infrastructure meets community needs.

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Increase Complete Streets


The number of complete street miles is one component of a robust transportation infrastructure that facilitates our access and navigation throughout the city. In short, a complete street is defined as an existing street within a quarter mile of a transit stop, with a sidewalk, and with a bicycle facility. San Antonio continues to make PROGRESS towards the 2020 goal but currently not at a rate great enough to meet the goal by 2020.

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Updated December 2016



VIA Metropolitan Transit provides regional multimodal transportation options that connect our community to opportunity, support economic vitality and enhance quality of life throughout our region. In June 2016, VIA launched its new VIVA service, connecting riders to San Antonio’s historic places, arts and culture institutions, and popular dining and entertainment. The three routes—VIVA culture, VIVA missions, and VIVA centro—were developed with input from community members and provide easier and more frequent access to some of San Antonio’s most-visited destinations. In August 2016, the VIA Board of Trustees approved the VIA Vision 2040 Long Range Plan, a blueprint for the future of transportation in our region. VIA heard from thousands of community members while developing the plan, and Vision 2040 reflects what San Antonio prioritized. When a Transportation partner like VIA focuses on our community's needs and priorities, our public transit system will improve and residents will be more likely to use it regularly.