In 2020, San Antonio is known for its cohesive neighborhoods with compelling and unique personalities.

Modern linked mass transit, improved infrastructure and a concerted effort to preserve and maintain our historic buildings, parks and open spaces compliment smart growth patterns. The result is a livable and vibrant community that is strongly connected to its past and maintains its small town feel.


Cities thrive as places where people can easily interact and connect. Social connections help promote the creation of new ideas, make neighborhoods safer and stronger, and make cities work better for their residents. Safe and cohesive neighborhoods are a critical component of a unified community. With an estimated growth of over 1 million people in Bexar County by the year 2040, where we live and how we fit into the fabric of our neighborhoods can make or break the “connectedness” of a city. For these reasons, San Antonians set key targets in walkability and access to parks and green spaces, among other areas. 

Increase Greater Downtown Area Population

  On Track

The vitality of our greater downtown neighborhoods plays a critical role in the strength of our urban core. That is why examining the growth of the greater downtown area population is so important. Since 2010, we have seen a steady increase of residents in downtown, and as of 2014, we are ON TRACK to hit the 2020 target.    

Call to Action: 

  • Learn more about SA2020 neighborhood and downtown partners, then give your time, talent, energy, or dollars to one (or more).
  • Join or start a homeowner’s association or neighborhood organization.
  • Build, restore, and rehab housing in existing neighborhoods.
  • Make available decent, affordable housing for low-income families.
  • Go to council meetings and zoning board meetings and contact council members and agencies. Find your City Council Representative
  • Participate in city meetings for the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.


Updated December 2016

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