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Measuring progress toward our community vision.


In 2020, San Antonio is known for its cohesive neighborhoods with compelling and unique personalities.

Modern linked mass transit, improved infrastructure and a concerted effort to preserve and maintain our historic buildings, parks and open spaces compliment smart growth patterns. The result is a livable and vibrant community that is strongly connected to its past and maintains its small town feel.

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Increase Greater Downtown Area Population

  On Track

The vitality of our greater downtown neighborhoods plays a critical role in the strength of our urban core. That is why examining the growth of the greater downtown area population is so important. Since 2010, we have seen a steady increase of residents in downtown, and as of 2014, we are ON TRACK to hit the 2020 target.    

Call to Action: 

  • Learn more about SA2020 neighborhood and downtown partners, then give your time, talent, energy, or dollars to one (or more).
  • Join or start a homeowner’s association or neighborhood organization.
  • Build, restore, and rehab housing in existing neighborhoods.
  • Make available decent, affordable housing for low-income families.
  • Go to council meetings and zoning board meetings and contact council members and agencies. Find your City Council Representative
  • Participate in city meetings for the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.


Updated December 2016