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Measuring progress toward our community vision.

Economic Competitiveness

In 2020, San Antonio is recognized as a leader in business that prospers through innovation in 21st century industries.

San Antonio has a highly qualified and educated workforce and provides economic opportunity for all of its residents. The city fosters entrepreneurship as the engine of economic prosperity. It capitalizes on its unique historical and cultural heritage, as well as local institutions like its military bases, universities, medical centers and international airport system to become a leader in the global economy.

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Increase per Capita Income

  On Track

Income affects progress in many other SA2020 indicators, including family well-being, personal health, and overall quality of life. In 2015, we made enough gains here to put us On Track to meet our 2020 target. Current progress in other indicators – especially unemployment and educational attainment – may start paying dividends in increased per capita income in the future.

Call to Action: 

  • Learn more about SA2020 economic competitiveness partners, then give your time, talent, energy, or dollars to one (or more).
  • Complete your college degree or professional certificate. Contact café college for help.
  • If you are a successful executive or manager, mentor others in your company or organization to help them be more economically successful.
  • Host a paid internship (or two or three) at your company. Find out more about SA Works and join in!


Updated December 2016