Downtown Development

In 2020, Downtown is the heart of San Antonio and is everyone’s neighborhood.

It is a showcase for visitors, a center of vibrant activity for citizens to live, work and play, and an economically inviting locale for businesses to flourish. Downtown’s historic buildings and character are preserved, its parks and green spaces are inviting, and the river continues to be treasured as its defining asset.


A strong urban core plays a critical economic role in the life of a city, and every great city in America has a vibrant urban core. The landscape in downtown San Antonio has been shifting, and the city is experiencing a downtown renaissance with a significant increase in development and revitalization efforts as part of “The Decade of Downtown”. This momentum – started in 2010 - was created to promote development in our city’s core, as a means by which to attract more people to live, work, and play in downtown, thereby expanding overall economic growth and opportunities for the city as a whole. The progress in downtown San Antonio is cause for celebration and gives an example of how policy decisions can spark a market response and tangible progress on the SA2020 goals. 

Increase Downtown Housing Units

Progress On Track

The success in downtown housing shows how an indicator can respond directly to specific city policies. Because city residential housing incentives focused on the downtown area, we anticipate reaching the community goal for downtown housing units even before 2020. The City of San Antonio’s Center City Development Office (CCDO) provided updated data for 2012 and 2013. The data previously reported were based on a methodology no longer used. These data needed to be updated in order to be comparable year-to-year and consistent with what CCDO has been reporting to the city. Currently, CCDO includes housing units that are in the planning stages, under construction, or recently completed in their reported counts. While the change in methodology increased the number of downtown housing units reported, the overall progress towards the 2020 goal was not affected. 

Call to Action: 

  • Learn more about SA2020 downtown development partners, then give your time, talent, energy, or dollars to one (or more).
  • Insist on and promote preservation of historic buildings.
  • Learn about the history of downtown and the processes that influenced development.
  • Vote for and Participate in the downtown strategic plan update.
  • Learn more about what Centro San Antonio is doing to promote downtown.
  • Vote for downtown projects in the City of San Antonio 2017 Bond in May 2017.


Updated December 2016

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