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Measuring progress toward our community vision.

Civic Engagement

In 2020, San Antonio’s citizens are deeply engaged as elected leaders, business leaders, volunteers, and voters in the process of making government more responsive and accountable to San Antonians.

Vibrant grassroots movements, civic organizations, business leaders, city staff, and selfless citizens actively and effectively collaborate in all areas of city operations and governance. Elected officials and city staff take ownership of issues and are accountable for results. City, county and state branches of government coordinate their work to eliminate waste brought about by duplication of effort. The city cultivates inspired and effective leaders in selfless service to the community and is recognized for delivering transparency in government.

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Increase Diversity of Elected Officials

Off Target Progress

Having diversity of elected officials, usually called "descriptive representation," happens when the race, gender, ethnicity, etc. of elected officials reflect the constituent base that it represents. Achieving this balance has been cited in research as an important characteristic for increasing the likelihood that the diverse array of interests of the constituents throughout the city is considered in decision making. This indicator, while doing better than in 2012, the first time it was collected, has remained relatively flat. In 2016, however, we began making PROGRESS toward our 2020 goal.  

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Updated December 2016


Corporations are another important part of our cycle of community change. Visionworks, a leading national eye care provider, is based in downtown San Antonio and commits both time and resources to increasing Civic Engagement in our community. Visionworks understands the value of an engaged, aware workforce and to that end strongly supports Leadership San Antonio (LSA). Some of Visionworks’ own leadership were members of LSA classes, which provides a forum for leaders across San Antonio to come together and discuss the issues, challenges, and problems facing our community—and then assume leadership roles to try to solve them. In addition to encouraging employees to participate in programs like this, Visionworks also promotes service and philanthropy within the company. In 2016, Visionworks served SA2020 Partners Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio, SAMMinistries, and San Antonio Food Bank. An impressive 75% of employees participated in the company’s volunteer program in 2016. We’re so glad to have a successful company like Visionworks helping to cultivate inspired and effective leaders in San Antonio.