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In 2020, San Antonio leads the world as a creative community.

San Antonio reflects a diverse range of artistic expression that builds on our rich cultural heritage. The arts are integral to our way of life for citizens of all ages and backgrounds. Public and private support spurs a renaissance of artistic creativity where a vibrant cultural economy flourishes. Contemporary art reflects the dynamic nature of San Antonio’s artistic, literary and cultural communities and movements.


Geography can place a city on a map, but the identity of a city is expressed through its arts and culture. Fostering creativity also leads to critical and innovative thinking, a key component of the 21st century knowledge-based economy. The SA2020 Vision for Arts & Culture emphasizes the importance of San Antonio’s creative economy and the creative community that comprises it: nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, creative businesses, and creative individuals. The creative community has great potential to contribute further to the community if recognized as a critical industry. Not all cities do an analysis of the benefits of the creative class – the thinkers and doers behind artistic and cultural expression – but San Antonio has long recognized the contribution of arts and culture not only to economic development, but to a vibrant, thriving city. The bold talent we find in San Antonio today is a testament to the strength and longevity of our cultural heritage. 

Increase Funding for Arts and Culture


In 2010, San Antonians sought to increase investment in arts and cultural events. Our current estimates only capture public investment by the City of San Antonio, as the Arts and Culture Department captures all public investments in arts and culture. Nonetheless, we have seen IMPROVEMENT in funding despite a dip from 2010 to 2012, though we’re still not on track to reach our goal by 2020. We’ve also seen new public investments in public art in development projects like the forthcoming piece from Leticia Huerta in McAllister Park, the Convention Center Expansion projects, and the Department of Planning and Cultural Development’s commitment to creative placemaking in their SA Tomorrow comprehensive planning efforts. 

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Updated December 2016

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